Wednesday, 17 May 2017

My Family

                    My family  
My mum and dad were born in New Zealand on the north island.
We now live in Nelson. I have a brother and a sister. My grandma lives in Mapua and my grandpa lives in Wellington. My uncle and auntie live in Australia.Sometimes they come to New Zealand. The last time they came to New Zealand was for my grandma's 80th birthday. I hadn't seen my uncle in a very long time so I didn't recognise him.

Science Museum

On friday my family went to the powerhouse museum. There was alot of things to do and to look at there.There were spaceships, satellites, robots, engines and experiments that you could do. My favorite thing was the lightening ball. I learnt that you can power stuff by using bikes. I learnt about how it feels in a space ship when there is no gravity because they made a space station turn around and it felt like you were turning around. It made me feel creeped out. The science museum was cool.

Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Taronga Zoo

On Thursday we went to the zoo. It had a lot of animals like alligators, Platypuss, snakes, koalas, gorrilla's and lots of birds. My favourite thing was a snake. I got to pat him for a long time. It was very cool to touch a snake because we don't have snakes in New Zealand. It felt like lots of tiny fingernails except softer. It was sort of warm because he had been sunbathing in the cage. He was a python and  I really wanted to hold him myself. But the zookeeper had him around her neck. I thought snakes were scary before, they can kill you. But now I think snakes are way cool.

Friday, 12 May 2017


On Wednesday we went to the maritime museum there were 2 navy ships. A destroyer, a Scout ship and a Submarine. We were really lucky to go on the submarine as the day after it was going to be depaired. The destroyer was huge and you got to see how they made the shells. IT had more about six big gun turrets. After that we went to captin Cooks ship the Endeavour. It had such a tiny front. This   is a copy of the boat where he found New Zealand and Australia. Then we went to see the museum we saw a movie about Pompeii destruction by a volcano. It said it nearly took 24 hours to be completely destroyed. My favourite thing was the Destroyer.

Monday, 8 May 2017


On Saturday  we went to uncle Nigel's new house. It was very big. There are 2 wedge tails eagle's live there but we did' not see them.

We saw 4 kangarous at his place though. After that we went out for breakfist at a cafe and then we went home.I was so tired so when we got home I lae down and slept that was because in now Zealand time it was 12:00 and I wok up at 7:00  so I was very tired.

Monday In Sydney

On Monday we went to the Aquarium there were unicorn fish and a dugong (sea cow) and saw fish .The saw fish is related to manta ray. The difference between saw fish and the sword fish is sword fish have a sharp bit at the end of there nose but saw fish don't and they have little spikes on there nose like a saw. Saw fish use there saw nose to dig in the sand in rivers. The dugons have 20 pieces of lettuce every 10 minis and dugongs are mammals . My favourite thing was the saw fish.